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 Some photographs from the archive. Click on the images. 

Collaboration with the Technical University of Luleå (LuTU). Here Holger Ecke with  his student Inga Herrmann.

SMAK-meeting 2004-01-16. SMAK = selective mobilisation of chritical elements in energy ashes. Left & middle: Holger Ecke, LuTU; Anna-Karin Lénshof, LuTU,  Henrik Bristav, Umeå Energi, Maria Nyholm, Ragn-Sells Avfallsbehandling, Britt-Marie Steenari, Chalmers Tekniska Högskola and Anders Lagerkvist, LuTU / Rolf Sjöblom, Tekedo.


In December 2003, The District Heating Association of Sweden (Svensk Fjärrvärme) arranged a meeting on how to make district heating systems more efficient. Tekedo contributed by a presentation on risk analysis and new regulation for pressure vessels.

In Oktober 2003 a visit was paid to Börje Meijer at Brokk AB in Skellefteå. They manufacture remotely controlled billing equipment. The visit was part of a commission from the Swedish Nuclear Inspectorate on cost estimations in conjunction with decommissioning.


Reunion with Al Garroway and his wife Linda, and with  Sir Peter Mansfield (awarded the Nobel price in medicine in 2003) at his Nobel lecture in Uppsala.  Al och Sir Peter are old colleagues from the University of Nottingham.

Lucia celebration and Hägg Symposium at the Institute of  Materials Chemistry at the University of Uppsala. Right image: Rolf Sjöblom, Karin and Jörgen Tegenfeldt and a little further away son and daughter of the late Professor Hägg (born on December 14th 1903).


Preparations for the workshop of the Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate (SKI). Bill Bowyer, Meadow End Farm, and Behnaz Aghili, SKI,  at a work meeting in the offices of Tekedo in Nyköping.

Workshop on "Engineered Barrier System - Manufacturing, Testing and Quality Assurance", November 12 - 14, 2003. Arranged by SKI and amongst others Öivind Toverud och Christina Lilja who are in the picture.


In November 2003 proceedings took place in the Environment Court "Miljööverdomstolen" regarding licenses for  Telge Återvinning.

Tekedo presented klassificering of ashes in accordance with the Ordinance of Waste.

Sara Jannes, Telge Återvinning explains about the drainage water treatment.

I the middle Gustav Tham, from  Telge Energi / Telge Återvinning.

Anders Lagerkvist from Luleå Tekniska Universitet explains about the project on final covering.


Lale Andreas from the Technical University of Luleå installs lysimeters.

Tests on final covering of domestic waste at Telge Återvinning. All together about four hectars will be covered. The sealing parts of the covers include fly ash and a mixture of bentonite and ash.


Gunnar Ramqvist at the Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company (SKB) presents the poster at MRS 2003, Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management, Kalmar 15-18 June , 2003.

Opening of the test canister which has been in operation for a year. Then, a number of investigations followed with the purpose of finding out what had happened inside.

Hans-Peter Hermansson and Baohua Zhu from Studsvik Nuclear. They are at the Äspö Hard Rock  Laboratory which is operated by SKB.

Hans-Peter Hermansson and Baohua Zhu from Studsvik Nuclear at a work meeting in the Tekedo office. They also carry out in situ impedance measurements on SKB's canisters.

Certain electrical changes were detected in the test canisters emplaced in the Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory. Therefore, a number of tests were initiated with the purpose of finding the cause of the changes. The issue is related to the electrical heaters used to simulate the heating from the spent nuclear fuel.


The application (May 2003) was on joint efforts within Europe in a number of areas of nuclear waste management.  The name was GEODISNET which stands for GEOlogical DISposal NETwork.

Unfortunately, this time the proposal was not taken.

Tekedo participated in the work on compiling and writing the proposal.

Meeting in Brussels with a broad representation from the different countries in Europe. This includes some candidate states.

Torsten Eng and Christer Svemar från Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company (SKB) in the finalisation of the EU application.

Anders and Torsten Eng. Anders works at the Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory as well as Christer who is the manager. Since the autumn of 2003, Torsten is at OECD/NEA.


Collaboration with Jörgen Tegenfeldt at the Institute of  Materials Chemistry at the University of Uppsala. Investigations of bentonite containing seals in final covers for domestic waste by impedance spectroscopy. The aim is to find a method for monitoring.